05 June 2007


Colourful flowers organisedly arranged to make a dull day bright. I found it at my office reception area few days ago. Its pleasing to one's nerves to see flowers, all so colourful and bright.

The world’s like a flower
Either fallen or grown
The leaves cover secrets
And the pedals are shown
We're like a flower

The world's like a rose
Every rose has its thorns
If we make a mistake
The skin gets torn
We're like a flower

The world's like a daisy
Pretty and bright
We all have our colors
But in a way we're just right
We're like a flower

The world's like a flower
All the thorns will pass through
The world's like a flower
Just waiting to bloom

Free Faller


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful
You imagination goes too well with flowers :-)


Srik said...

Neha, can you please send me an email here : destinationsrik at yahoo dot com?

And, to tell you the truth, this is not my poem, Free faller has written it. I have credited this in the end.

December Stud said...

Beautiful!!! I like the way you think ;)

Now, are you sure nobody sent those flowers to your office :) Don't lie....

Vani said...

What an amazing poem!

Thanks for bringing it here, Srik.

mouna said...

flowers can cheer anybody's mood.

and what a lovely poem, projects things very nicely!!

M O H A N said...

Wow, suddenly we have compitetion in poetry writing!!!

Srik..you should have one more blog soon for poetry alone.


kalyan said...

A lovely shot along with a lovely poem!

neela said...

blooming flowers and clear ,flowing water have always been mood -boosters to many...
lovely sight.

reborn said...

I agree with DS that those beautiful flowers were sent by someone special... especially more so bcoz u ve turned a poet after that !!

Srik said...

oh! hmmmm me thinks...Thanks..

And, yes, it was from my CEO ;)

I liked the poem too.

I agree, flowers encompass a world in it, that closely represent the real world!!

M O H A N,
HAHAHAHAHA..... if you are ready to read my poetry...be warned ;)

welcome to the backbencher's corner. Thanks for your good words.

first of all, though I think similarly, this piece of poetry is not mine.
second, read my answer to DS. I disown the flowers too :D